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I would like to welcome our new visitors to  As previous visitors to this site know, you'll find a very large scrapbook of photos and videos of the Purdue All American Marching Bands current season, as well as some from years past.   You won't find much editorial comment, or narrative, as I'm mostly about showing pictures and videos of the band. In 2012 I've added other music ensembles at Purdue Bands. The students can't carry a camera, and the parents can't be at many of the functions, so this site attempts to meet those needs. The entry page will, during the season, give you daily updates on the AAMB and other music ensembles activities.  

I'm often asked how did this all start. Well, I'm not married, and I started dating a Purdue alum and we decided to attend a BIG10 football game. She was a high school teacher, and had a ex student attending Purdue whose roommate played trumpet in the AAMB. Through that connection I met the then director of bands, David Leppla, and we became friends and the rest is history. I started a site in 2001 after purchasing a digital camera, and being retired that same year, I was able to begin this journey. In 2011 I purchased a condo in Lafayette so that I could spend the entire season in Indiana. Previously, I was flying back and forth from time to time to my California residence. Now I maintain a residence in both locations.

The photos posted here are low resolution, and usually not necessarily suitable for printing. If you find a particular photos you like and would like a copy send me an email with the photo properties ID and I will email that back to you. Please limit your request to four or five photos. Often, I'm offered compensation for the photo(s). That won't be necessary, however, if you would like to make a donation (large or small) to the band, that would be compensation enough for me. And, obviously, you can do that anonymously.

A word should be mentioned here about photo selection. Virtually no time goes into that process. I take the pictures, then post them here. If there are more of one instrument section than another, I apologize. I strive for balance, but I don't keep statistics to insure that everyone is getting their fair recognition. Some groups, or individuals might be closer to my camera when I'm shooting. This is particularly true during pre-game and halftime. If the flags (golden silks) are on the other side of the field from me, then they are probably not going to find photos of their section. I also strive for balance with gender, but again, it's impossible to achieve this.

At the end of the season, if you would like copies of all the photos I've taken, you can send me an external hard drive and I would be happy to accommodate you. I don't have the time to comb through all my photos looking for a specific individual. At seasons end, I probably have somewhere north of 10,000 photos. Most parents find several of their son/daughter, many that were never published on the site. If you are interested in doing so, you need to email me and I will give you my residence address (naturally, I don't want to post it here on the internet)

I invite your suggestions and comments by sending me an email at I am always willing to hear others ideas on how to make this site more dynamic. I'm a retired banker after all; what do I know about web sites!

I enjoy meeting the parents of those students I will be photographing over the next four years. Please, pease introduce yourself. I might not remember you the second time I see you (there are always over 100 freshmen in the band) so be patient with me. I do enjoy being able to match the student with their Mom/dad.

In advance, let me thank you for your support of my activities. You're visits to this site are truly a self satisfying reward to me.

Oh, and I should note that this site will always be "under construction", so if you find pages that are blank, in time, they won't be. Hopefully.

Added 9/17/14

A rambling dissertation on such things as 1) why I take a certain photo 2) how I choose the photo(s) posted on and other issues that cross my mind.

  1. As I roam around the band, whether on the field, an activity, performance, event, or whatever, I look for what I think are moments in time that will make for a good photo. I don’t do well with poor (low) lighting, and when that is coupled with lots of movement (think solo twirlers or dusters) I get lots of out of focus shots, so I try to avoid that. So, if a trumpet is stationary on the field at a night game while the golden girl is twirling away, you’re probably going to get a photo of the trumpet player. However, when those circumstances are not in play, I strive for diversity, both within gender, year in school, instrumentation, leadership, ethnicity and other factors that may be in play at the time. For example, when the golden silks are spread from one end zone to the other, it is impossible for me to cover them, therefore, you’ll see more photos where members are clustered together. Same can be said of the Tubas and the drum line, which are often at the back of the band on the field at Ross-Ade.
  2. Now, when I am looking at the photos to include on bandfan, I am looking at a very small thumbnail image of the photo. It is small enough that I cannot tell if the photo is “slightly” out of focus or not. I keep no records of the photos I use, other than my memory. Did I already post a photo of that person? If I can’t remember, and the photo is good, I post it. Am I getting a fair share of photos from each section, e.g. mello’s or clarinets? Again, I keep no records, and this job is time consuming enough that I’m not about to start. I’d have to quite first. Now, what really does worry me is am I getting photos of everyone? At least, in a reasonable period of time?  In 2014 with 379 members of the AAMB, it is ALWAYS highly likely that I am missing someone. The law of averages would suggest such. Try as I might also, some people are not big into smiling when I’m around and the camera is pointed at them. I do not post photos with people if I think they would not like the photo, e.g. I don’t post photos of people talking frowning or yawning. Or squinting and other facial expressions that are not positive representations of who we are.

So, the question is how can one insure that they are getting their fair share of photos taken and posted on bandfan. The answer is “be friendly”. Smile more. Invite the camera and me into your world. I promise not to bite. I am not there is disturb you or annoy you, so please don’t act like that for those expressions are not conducive to a good photo. I am friends with many in the band and when they see me coming, it is not unusual for them to do something funny. That helps. I like taking your photo. It helps if you like it as well. If we haven’t yet met, and you haven’t seen your photo on bandfan, take the time to introduce yourself and tell me that. Now, with 379 there is always the possibility I will forget who you are…..right”? Except for one thing. I remember people by the shoes they are wearing so while we’re talking, don’t be surprised if I look down to see your shoes.(I always hope you only have one pair)  One father a couple years ago told me I could recognize his daughter by her blue shoes (it was Sara Mace) and I’ve used that strategy ever since.

Again, Thanks. This is me:


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