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A video of the participants working on the choreography


Some photos from the Golduster Dance Team tryouts at Mackey arena

Look who I also found at the tryouts, observing







Updated November 11, 2015



Here the Golduster Dance Team performs at the Slayter Center on Nov. 7th, 2015



Watch Purdue Pete dance with the Golduster Dance Team


Some interviews with Golduster Dancers. More follow the photos

Katie Rehling from james wallace on Vimeo.

Katy Liddell from james wallace on Vimeo.



Here are the 2015 Golduster Dance Team Members



Here are some interviews with the 2015 Golduster Dance Team. More will be posted periodically.






Here are some photos of the dusters rehearsing at Studio b on August 2, 2915


The Goldusters Dance Team performs on 11/8 at the Halftime of the Wisconsin game.




Here are three videos of the Goldusters rehearsing on 11/7




A Couple of videos of the dusters performing at the women's soccer game on 9/28/14





What follows are the 2013 dusters:

Here is a must see video of the goldusters.

Golduster Dance Team from Joy McEwen on Vimeo.




Ladies, I'm sorry if i left anyone out; it certainly wasn't my intention. If I did, more than likely I just didn't get a photo of you, or I thought it wasn't that strong.

Also, I try to put up the best photos, and that means at times one girl will have more than one if I like each photo.

Photos from practice Friday 10/25



Videos from the MSU game

Dusters from james wallace on Vimeo.

Goldusters from james wallace on Vimeo.



Some photos from the Michigan State game. Videos to be posted, hopefully, Monday.

Ladies: Some of these photos are overexposed (especially your face) as lighting was becoming difficult to get correct. If there is one you wan to save, I am happy to fix the

lighting for you in Photoshop if you'll send me an email with the photo properties ID. As you probably know, my email is



Photos from the Nebraska game:



Here the Goldusters perform their Broadway tunes dance following the NIU Homecoming game:




A video from the Notre Dame post game concert.


Photos from 9/12




Some photos from 9/11



A video of the dusters performing at the 211 pregame rally.


Some random photos from the 9/6 practice. I'd like to be fair, and include one of every duster, but that isn't too realistic and that would

take a considerable amount of my time to insure everything was fair, so please, I apologize, if someone is not shown here.



A couple of videos from 9/6




A video of the dusters rehearsing at a recent practice



Here are a bunch of photos from the 8/28 practice. Please understand, I pick these at random, and don't really have time to make sure

the subject might be happy with the photo. Your facial expression is what it is. Game day might not be any different, so if nothing else

dusters can use these photos to critique themselves. (while it was a hot muggy day, that might also be true on game day)


A video of the dusters practice on 8/28



A few random photos from the practice on 8/22

left blank for future



Here the Goldusters perform at the end of camp performance on Saturday, 8/17/13


Meet the 2013 Golduster dance team:



Here are some photos from the Ireland parade day:



Some videos from the Dallas Bowl



Meet the 2012 Golduster Dance Team





Three videos of the Golduster Dance Team on 10-6-12





he Golduster Dance Team practices their Half Time routine on Thursday preceding the next game.



A video of the Golduster Dance team performing at halftime on Saturday.



A video of the golduster dance team performing at the Slayter Center on 9/29/12. More to come.




A video from Thursday, 9/27

Dusters Rehearse from james wallace on Vimeo.


Here is a video of the dusters rehearsing at their practice Tues. 9/25


Here is a video of the dusters dancing at the post game fountain concert



Here are two videos of the Golduster dance team performing at the Eastern Michigan game on September 15, 2012





Here is a video of the Golduster dance team practicing on August 30th




Here is a video of the Goldusters appearance at the volleyball game on 9/30

Purdue Goldusters perform at volleyball game from james wallace on Vimeo.




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