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Here are my favorite photos from the 2013 Purdue "All American" band camp. This will be a work in progress, and will continue until I'm satisfied.

You can continue to check back here for new photos each day until that happens.

My criteria is two fold: 1) a really great photo of the individual, or 2) depict to the outside world what band camp is like

At the conclusion, one would have a good idea what went on in camp, and what great individuals are members of the 2013 AAMB.

These photos may, or may not, have been published here previously.

Here are some photos from Aug. 13th


This group is from Aug. 14th. Many, but not all, will remain here permanently. I will delete some where the same individual is seen twice.

Also, I'll be deleting the photos of shoes, however, if your shoes are pictured, you win the "cool" fashion award. Unfortunately, all you get is recognition,

but you do have GREAT taste in shoes (unless Mom or Dad picked them out, which I think is unlikely in most cases).























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