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Updated August 25, 2016

Today as the band marched to Hull field, I decided to do a video from the middle of the band. Now, you might say

what's the difference between that and on the side of the band. Well, the answer is the drum line. I always hope they

see me before I become part of their drum head. Or a base drum uses his beater on my head. Well, it all worked out as you'll see

in this video. Oh, and I know Tom Russell (snare) had lots of experience dodging judges while on his DCI tour this past

summer. He had that look as he was coming at me. You agree?



A few photos from today. More inside and on purdue band fan facebook page.


Yesterday, at rehearsal, there was a tornado warning, and all of the students had to take shelter in the dorm across the street.

So, naturally, I grabbed my video camera and took this video inside. Not surprisingly they were working on their charts and music

and not letting the time go to waste. I realize this might not be the most exciting video, but if you want to learn a thing or two

about their charts and music, watch this. Also, almost everyone in the band is in this video somewhere.











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