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Updated August 29, 2014

The official site of Purdue Bands is located here: Purdue Bands Official Site

Image size seen here on this site: I have to re-size all the photos I take so that the amount of time it takes you to download everything

on this site is reasonable. So, if you are saving any of these photos, please know they are not going to make good prints. If you want

the original larger size photo that I took, send me an email with the photo properties ID and I will return that to you. Please include the

photos properties ID. I cannot work with "its the third one down on the left" because it may not be the 3rd one down when

I read your email. Each browser is different, but generally, if you right click on the photo, you'll se the photo properties ID.

my email address is simple: jim@purduebandfan.com




A couple photos from Friday's rehearsal. More inside (see button below)










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This is a video I just can't seem to watch enough times. Here the band performs at the Macy's Thanksgiving day parade in New York City




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